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Memories-this is the sort of thing. Date: Apr 13th @ 10:56pm EDT
Memories-this is the sort of thing that will forever remain with us. No where to go, how would not like to forget. But on the positive side-we remember only the best. We remember not words, but feelings and emotions. It took many, many years, and I still remember the people you knew then. I remember what I felt at that moment when they were close.
Saying that we should judge by actions. Date: Apr 9th @ 9:57pm EDT
Saying that we should judge by actions.It's not about me. I can fall in love with words,in person or in soul,but not in deeds. Each of us is looking clean, bright love and everyone is not what he wants. It is impossible to dream and to share it with people
I'm not a writer. Date: Apr 8th @ 8:53pm EDT
I'm not a writer. My thoughts jump back and forth. Hardly anyone that would be interested to read, but I don't care. Because mostly I write for myself.Where to begin. All roads were open, but alas, I was not interested in anything. While writing so, I'm lying in the first place itself.
Hello thank you for reading my blogs Date: Apr 7th @ 11:22pm EDT
Hello thank you for reading my blogs . Today I will talk about love and butterflies in the stomach .Love â" the feeling peculiar to the person, deep attachment to other person or object, feeling of deep liking. Love is also seen as a philosophical category, in the form of the subject relation, the intimate selective feeling directed on an object of love. Love is the most important subjective indicator of happiness.Love is one of the fundamental and common themes in world culture and art. Arguments about love and its analysis as a phenomenon date back to ancient philosophical systems and literary monuments, famous people.
In life there is nothing wrong. Date: Mar 30th @ 9:21pm EDT
I sometimes get bored sitting at home. Date: Mar 23rd @ 10:39pm EDT
I sometimes get bored sitting at home, I want to walk with friends, with acquaintances. But no one won't remember me if I don't remind myself. This is how it happens sometimes, and it can even be a good thing. I like to think about the future, to gather my thoughts, think about what worries. Tomorrow after work will also be a bit of a walk, the weather promises to be better. Here's autumn, the spring. I want to think positive I hope that this is temporary and that life will change.
Nice present:) Date: Mar 20th @ 9:52pm EDT
The story happened this morning with my friend. I can not tell. A friend spent the night at the cottage, conveniences on the street. Gathered in the morning to go to work, itch. Amenities on the street specifically covered.
Found a solution - in the dressing room was Rastelli the paper and did the deed.
The result was wrapped in Newspapers and put in a nice package to throw it in the trash when leaving the dacha cooperative.
And forgotten. On the way we stopped at the ATM to withdraw money. Hears the alarm went off, and his car runs a young person with this beautiful package. In addition he did some blowing and trying to catch up. That joy was a workaholic when he unwrapped the package.
2 years of my life Date: Mar 19th @ 8:06pm EDT
You've probably never thought about how much time and effort you spend on my favorite . And I really want you to appreciate all the time and my attention which I am giving you . Now, almost 2 years of my life I devoted myself to this work . I would be very pleased if you would thank me for my efforts
photo shoot Date: Mar 17th @ 11:53pm EDT
Recently I was at a photo shoot I've been preparing for it and finally the day came but for some reason something went wrong . When I saw their photos I was horrified sorry but I did not like what I saw, my day was spoiled and I don't even know how to cheer yourself up .
And never get into trouble Date: Mar 6th @ 10:49pm EST
When I give gifts type of towels, cups, soap sets, I paste a sticker with the name of the giver, not to give him a gift.
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