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Soon I have a small Date: May 26th @ 10:41pm EDT
Soon I have a small vacation and I'm very glad . Yes, I think it will be very difficult I want to go with their friends for a picnic to visit my parents and of course to sleep well . Will be back and will certainly tell you how well I rested . But as long as there is still a whole week .
Yesterday I spent ... Date: May 21st @ 6:46pm EDT
Yesterday I spent a very intense night I went to the Museum night in the city . It's been a fun adventure we gathered a great company and a fun and noisy walked around the city . And then we sat in a cafe where I relaxed and was in a comfort zone .
Hello everyone Date: May 18th @ 9:42pm EDT
Hello everyone I usually talk about his spiritual experiences, and today I want to talk about where I want to go this weekend . In my town there is a Museum night on this day, all museums open their doors for everyone to visit them . And I know this is probably a very healthy must tell you I went there and talk about their emotions . And the most interesting that night and the museums are also working .
Like first snow.. Date: May 16th @ 12:01am EDT
Have you noticed that there are people who remind you of the first snow. At the meeting which you know how missed you these emotions.
today Date: May 9th @ 12:48am EDT
Im understend.. all new people are always more interesting. But the long-time ,close are much closer and more reliable
Very often think about my life ... Date: May 9th @ 12:45am EDT
Very often think about my life constantly rethinking about what was and what will be on today for some reason came to mind the idea of who I was in past life . I imagined myself as a cat abandoned and beaten down by life who was looking for his place in this life, often making mistakes and falling under the rain I tried to change my life for the better . And hoping to find a good man who will shelter me and give me warmth and care .
Probably every girl wants to find that person Date: May 8th @ 12:17am EDT
Probably every girl wants to find that person you can trust and tell everything what is happening in my soul here I am looking for a man strong shoulder which will be a lifesaver for me in that life .
Still working) Date: May 4th @ 10:36pm EDT
Today I had a chance. Date: Apr 17th @ 10:29pm EDT
Today I had a chance to tell his story one of good friends. I love people's reaction to my stories about my recent past, they obviously did not expect this from me. This is very encouraging, so still I give people a good impression and no matter what I did, they are so me and are knowing me saddled horizons.
When was the last time. Date: Apr 14th @ 11:41pm EDT
When was the last time your heart crept it's nice sinking feeling, a sense of excitement,anticipation, happiness,anticipation of life,tales of the miracle that you so long await I believe in.
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