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particularly effective method Date: Nov 13th @ 12:22am EST
There is a particularly effective method of obtaining information, is not shared by most managers. You just need to go there, where you work, and see what is going on there
Life Date: Nov 12th @ 11:28pm EST
But life still presents us with new lessons, pushing us, putting us in new situations, makes us happy and sad, but makes us learn the most important thing on Earth â" forcing us to learn to Love.
Happiness Date: Sep 18th @ 12:37am EDT
Happiness visits us in different forms and almost imperceptible, but I often saw him among young bb from house centres and in country houses than in other places.
Sadness Date: Sep 14th @ 8:35pm EDT
kindness Date: Jul 15th @ 12:24am EDT
We live in the city, one Grandad. He is an old dog. Very old. She had some problems with the legs not goes. So this grandpa, as soon as spring comes and warms, picks her up, takes to the street and walks: walks for hours up and down, carries her in his arms, but the dog is not small. But what faithful eyes she looks at him... And licks his hand. So sad is when I see them. Can I be a bigger man than this old man?
Happiness Date: Jun 30th @ 11:32pm EDT
Happiness once went through the woods and suddenly fell into a pit, Happiness is sitting in a hole and cry. Walked past the man, Happiness heard a man screaming from the pit:
"Man! Good! Get me out of here."
"And what will you give me for it?" he says
"What do you want?" - asked Happiness.
"I want a big and beautiful house overlooking the sea, the most expensive."
Happiness gave man a house, a man was overjoyed, ran to the house and forgot about Happiness.
Happiness is sitting in a hole crying even louder.

Walked past the other man, to hear the Happiness of man and shouts at him:
"Man! Good! Get me out of here."
"And what will you give me for it?" he says
"What do you want?" - asked Happiness
"I want a lot of beautiful and expensive cars of various brands."
Happiness gave man what he asked, glad people forgot about Happiness and fled.
Completely lost hope of Happiness.

He hears, is the third man shouted Happiness:
"Man! Good! Get me out of here, please."
The man pulled the Happiness out of the pit and went on rejoiced Happiness, ran after him and asked:
"Man! What do you want for helping me?"
"Nothing I need" - the man replied.
So ran Happiness for a man keeping up with him ever
Maybe Date: Jun 18th @ 9:02pm EDT
Maybe, he thought, such things as good or bad friends, just not there, and friends are always just friends â" the people who stand shoulder to shoulder with you in difficult times and are ready to help you. They must always stand at their worried and lived for them, maybe even die for them if necessary. Not good friends. And not bad friends. Just those people who you want to see who takes his place in your heart.
I suddenly realized that people Date: Jun 18th @ 5:58pm EDT
I suddenly realized that people should have a huge courage to remembering what we are short-lived, just a day to leave home is to let go of someone you love, and go to work. If every minute is weighed and assessed as they can, for example, to sleep with someone else, just for fun, while knowing that to be with loved ones left nothing at all? Only great courage or enormous stupidity makes free from the feelings of the transience of life.
Life is a process of eternal movement Date: Jun 4th @ 10:24pm EDT
Life is a process of eternal movement, and somewhere on the way can suddenly pop out of some very big trouble â" it can leave a scar. But the flow of life moves forward as running water, and if she stops, she is musty. Boldly go forward, because every experience is a lesson
Good morning everyone Date: Jun 3rd @ 12:36am EDT
Good morning everyone glad to see you ))) it's such terrible weather and so I want warmth and but I am confident that soon will come those wonderful days of summer that will keep me warm and my body . And now I'm drinking tea and eating jam wrapped in blankets and watching soap operas .
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